Daily 5 Math

     The ELA based Daily 5 and CAFE have seemed to have a really positive impact on many schools including mine.  My math counterparts and I sat down together last week to discuss how we could implement Daily 5 more efficiently this school year.  Last year we used the regular 5 stations (math by myself, math with a buddy, math technology, problem solving and math something-else-I-can't-remember) and we changed activities from Pinterest finds weekly.  Can you say WAY TOO MUCH PREPARATION??? 

This is our plan for Daily 5 Math this year:

1.  Math Fluency (Understanding Comm./Assoc. Properties & Memorizing  Mult. Facts)
2.  Math Technology (Think Through Math)
3.  Math Vocabulary (weekly terms to define in interactive notebook glossary)
4.  Math Literacy (reading math based books and answering math questions from them)
5.  STAAR Review (correcting weekly quizzes, tests, benchmarks and working thru story problems)

What are YOU using?  Do you have some kind of magical method for grouping students?

If you haven't heard of Daily 5 or CAFE head here:


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