Multiplication Fact Party

This is a post I transferred over from my previous blog:
Since the fall we have been working on memorizing our multiplication facts through 12x12.


Students that mastered all facts by last Thursday received a special invitation to our class "Popalicious Picnic Popcorn Party"  (tying in alliterations even in math class haha). 


The other math teachers just bought some popcorn, popped it, played a movie and let the kids eat it while watching the movie


. . .I on the other hand have a "Go big or Go home" personality. 


So we moved all the tables in the room, brought pillows and blankets to school,

voted on a movie to watch then got to eat lunch on our blankets

and have a popcorn topping bar. 


Here are the toppings my students brought:


I put them all into brown bags and spread them out around the room. 


My students travelled around the room putting whatever they wanted on their popcorn, then they closed the bag, shook it up and devoured it on their blanket :)



 They LOVED it!


The Parents even told me how excited their kids were and

how thankful they were I let them bring in whatever they wanted

to make it  special for them!  :)


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